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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 13, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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tallahassee and panama, books a million. sorry i couldn't get to the last states because i ran out of time. bye. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> it was like a lightning bolt. >> bill: senators on intelligence committee had no i'd yat fbi discovered krchl ia director petraeus in a compromising position. also, situation was kept under wraps until after the election. what this means for you. >> it's the best country in the world. i liked it the way it was. it's not going to be like that anymore. >> is dennis miller correct? is america finished as a traditional country? i'll give you some data so you can decide. also tonight bernie goldberg, adam corolla, juan williams
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and mary catherine hamm. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thafk us tonight. happy veterans day to you who have served your country. you're patriots. we have a power packed program for you tonight. talking points memo in the next segment about dennis miller's contention traditional america is gone forever, is that true? first, a top story tonight cia director david petraeus forced to resign after an extramarital affair this, san awful situation the fbi knew but kept under wraps until after the presidential vote. not even senators on the intelligence committee knew what is going on. >> we receive nod advanced notice. it was like a lightning bolt the way i found out. i came back to washington thursday night, friday morning,
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the staff director told me there were calls from press about this. i called david petraeus. as a matter of fact i had had an appointment with him at 3:00 that afternoon. that was cancelled. >> bill: what does this story mean for you? joining us now from washington is lieutenant colonel ralph peters. what is the important part of the story? >> the important part is that it appears the white house is lying again just as it was lying about benghazi. the key here, detail is the time line. who knew what? when? now it's emerged contemporary to details attorney general holder did know months ago about the investigation. it's strange to believe that eric holder did not tell his good friend, the president that there could be a breaking
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sex scandal with the cia director. >> bill: let me stop you there. you make an explosive charge at the top. the white house lying from what i understand, the fbi does not comment publicly. that is who the investigative agency is in this case on anything until reaching a conclusion. they don't say i'm investigating o'reilly for tax fraud or whatever it may be until reaching the stage where interest tl is enough to present what. is the white house lying about? >> i think about the i'd yat president didn't know until clapper and petraeus tell him. that is just -- you can't believe that. you can't believe the attorney general won't warn the president. >> bill: i am not defending president obama. he having a press conference on wednesday so obviously this is going to
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be huge. i hope libya is, too. i'm not sure they're lying about anything at this juncture. >> let me lay it out for you. >> bill: what? >> this is beautifully engineered. to make sure the president was unstained by all of this that he can say i didn't know anything but gee dave, thanks for your service, bye bye. so though we know eric holder knew, the attorney general, he did not tell the one man who needed to be hold. i'm talking about crammer. he didn't tell the director of national intelligence about that. petraeus's boss. he's the guy that needed to know. why didn't they tell clapper? he's got a lot resting there. he knows he has to keep intelligence system clean. he would have insisted that petraeus go immediately that. would have been a distraction
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during the campaign. >> if i'm the president, as soon as i learn my cia chief is under investigation for a compromising situation, it's not just after yairks computer was used by people. i have him take a leave of ab yens. while the investigation is underway. that is what i do as president. >> i would fire him immediately. >> bill: without proof? >> he don't think that would be fair. >> one thing had the e mails sh, look. >> bill: once they had evidence, then, certainly what. you're saying is that they kept this buried until after the election? fearing any revelation may have hurt the president? >> yes. how cynical to tell the director of national intelligence bit late on election day. and if this is just -- .
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>> i'm not going to comment on that. >> it's handled cynically. >> bill: i'll tep sep that. >> i'm sure petraeus didn't know what hit him. let me be clear with petraeus. what i am saying is when you're head of the cia, set yourself up as a paragone of virtue, enforce general order number one... maybe then, if you're the responsible... don't return the calls. different to that, today. i don't think there is anybody in the united states... that petraeus, as able as he is, should have stated. you can't do that. it means it's watching, all
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right? you've got a cia director. and so he's caught up in this deal. you know dwight eyesen hower had affairs, and jfk. i don't know how the guy stood up. then, you had clinton and all of this stuff so... >> cia director are special folks.. >> what it means is that in my analysis, white house is lying to american people yet again. i think they're getting cold feet about petraeus testifying under oath what he might say and it was all about the video. he knew better so they're worried about petraeus on the hill this week. poet trayus seen as a potential presidential or vice
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presidential candidate. they just nailed this guy. now, leaked sexy e mails driving nails in the coffin. everybody stinks in this one, bill. >> thank you. ahead dennis miller says traditional america is gone, vaporized by the vote. but is that true? i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore. and by the time i get up in the morning, i feel great! if you have back pain, toss and turn at night or wake up tired with no energy, the sleep number bed could be your solution. the sleep number bed's secret is it's air chambers which provide ideal support and put you in control of the firmness. and the bed is perfect for couples because each side adjusts independently to their unique sleep number. here's what clinical research has found: ® 93%
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>> bill: is traditional america gone for good? emotions running high after last week's presidential vote. many supported mitt romney feel betrayed and interest there is anger, as well as sadness in the air. my pal, dennis miller believes traditional america is gone, for good. >> doi think i'll ever see it go back to my lifetime the other way? no. i think this is it. i think it's the america i saw from 18-58.
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no. i don't. is that the end of the world? no. it's not like i was in a shower this morning and found found a lump in my armpit. i've got a great life but i'm just saying it's not the america i've grown comfortable with. >> bill: i'm giving miller election day a lot of thought. i disagree with him. i believe traditional america can come back but it will take a special person to make that happen. let's take a look at what happened six days ago. president obama received 62 million vote. 11% less than in 2008. he's slipping in popularity. mitt romney ended up with 3.3 million fewer votes than the president but romney got 2% fewer votes than john mccain. by any measure a poor performance for governor romney. mccain was run fwhoog a recession. it's more about romney's failure to build on mccain's votes than obama doing anything.
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mr. obama won the woman vote. blacks and asians but waits the hispanic vote that really nailed romney. 71% of la teen yoz voted for the president. that is the difference in florida, virginia, colorado, nevada. other states as well. romney took white males and independents by a significant margin but when you bunch it up, it was an entitlement vote this year, american families earning less than $30,000 a year broke big for the president. 62% to 35. it was clear left wing ideology did not win the day for barack obama. big spending on federal programs did. that is the key. because many in the media would have us believe liberal ideology was confirm bid this election. it was not. however, however, secularism is certainly eroding traditional power, those americans attend religious services voted for romney
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59%39%. problem is church going is on the decline. here is an example. despite controversial insis stens some catholic entities provide birth control and after pillses, but only 30% of american catholics now attend weekly mass. you can see impact of creeping secularism on the religious vote. on paper stats look hopeless for traditional americans but they can be reversed. however, it will take a special politician to do that. the president is the poster guy for this secular pro gregsive move many. the key question is the good for americans? the answer is no. three vivid examples.
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secular progressives no judgment about personal behavior are allowed. public school system has adopted that philosophy now wreaking havoc on american society. in 2010 about 41% of american babies were born out of wedlock, up eight points since 2000. up an astounding 23% points since 1981. babies born to unmarried women drive poverty. every study shows that. american minority groups are affected. in to 10, 73% of black babies were born outside of marriage. 53 hispanic babies were. 29% for white people. but the cycle continues, pine tis more affected by poverty because of the traditional family unit has broken down in those areas and rather than trying to reverse that, secular progressives want
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entitlement spending. nothing about changing libertine attitudes. on the abortion front rather than trying to discourage taking lives of millions of fetuses they have created a war on women, scream sog called reproductive rights are under assault. abortion excel yuts want the procedure on demand, and are opposed to even counseling before this life ending procedure. it should be diskurnled because human dna is present on conception. thus it becomes a human rights issue. ask your sthefl question. should america be a country where potential human life and undeniable fact after kons yepgs is terminated for convenience? for convenience? that is the kind of country we
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want want? the federal government is going demand citizens who oppose abortion pay for it? two states, washington and colorado voted to legalize pot. here is the grim stats n 2008 teen-age pot use up 40%, heavy use for teens increased 80%. states that have lenient medical marijuana laws driving those stats. why? because legalizing pot sends a message that it's fine to use it. getting the drug at the corner pot shop makes it available to anyone. ask any drug counselor here she will tell you once a child is introduced to intoxicants the child's life changes for the worst. some may not become substance involved but millions will. do we want to encourage that? sps don't care about addiction.
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they don't want judgments. want to smoke dug drugs? fine. want to abort a fetus, we'll drive tout clinic. want to have a kid when you're 16? no problem, we'll support you. did mitt romney spell that out what the progressive movement is all about? how the president enable that's? romney would not have lost 71% of the hispanic vote, i can tell you. i believe majority of americans can be persuaded the far left is a dangerous option. bent on destroying traditional america and replacing it with a social free fire zone driving depen densey and poverty. be the people need to be confronted with reality of our situation. but so many of our politicians are cowardly. the truth is rarely perfect. tonight you heard it. maybe four years from now what is at stake at america, finally will be heard, loud and clear.
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that is the memo. next on the run down, juan and mary catherine will react and the factor will be right back.
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reaction to my contention politics is changing the nation and folks will wise up, eventually. joining us now, mary catherine hamm. am i wrong here? where am i? i think you're a lost target on this one. >> just a little bit. some of the things i resonate with. there are lots of older americans right now saying this is not the america i grew up in. i go to gas station, nobody is speaking english. they get angry and say america changed. you can't demonize the new
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folks in america because these folks didn't vote for romney. in fact, people said romney shares their values. just across the board. but they said obama cares about people. >> i don't think 71% of hispanics are secular progressives. >> when you look it's strongly catholic. these are patriots. these people love america. they believe in how it works. >> bill: romney couldn't put it into kifd terms. >> no. he put moo kifd terms i don't like you. you guys get out of here. >> bill: mary catherine? >> i think we've reached a turning point of sorts. that doesn't mean folk who's believe what romney believes
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or right of center many people till -- still dochl i think you're correct that it takes a special person. i think it took a special person in barack obama to bring the left to where it is now. i'm frankly surprised it got here, it will take someone who takes this message in a smart way where you're not demonizing anyone. and i reject the notion i, or anyone else is doing that. have you to cross these cultural barrier asks talk in a way that is smart and reach folks. >> and have to talk in a way that challenges them. most hispanic americans are catholic, family oriented and tradition in the precincts. yet, they rejected all that have. >> why do you think that? >> because if you looked at democratic convention, you and saw all of the abortion
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zealots up there, and depen densey, big government programs, you couldn't say this is the pro-family party. >> of course you do. you can say that. if you want to parade kids, romney has 42 of them. >> and i'm saying the message put forth by planned parenthood now was an antifamily message. >> it's not true. >> this is true. abortion on demand? >> nobody said that no. >> bill: yes, they did. >> they said you shouldn't get into things like requiring invasive procedures before a woman is allow to have had an abortion. in this election, more than half of americans said abortion should be legal. then coming to something like marijuana a minute ago saying, listen. what do you say about alcohol?
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>> bill: i don't make those comparisons because they're not constructive. >> yes. they are. have you gone to college and having frat boys having a big beer? >> bill: word of the day do you what he's doing? he's introducing alcohol to kids. >> what you did. you petty fied the issue. 40% of teens are up in marijuana. 80% with heavy marijuana use. >> what about alcohol? >> bill: no. you ignore the fablgts introducing another topic. saying we as american society have going to need a drink. >> we legalized alcohol. kids drink alcohol. >> bill: what you did was avoiding the fact by introducing something else we're not talking about. all right. >> no. no. >> bill: mary catherine?
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>> back to the family stuff. first conservatives need to understand that this is something i've talked about for a while is that we can't wait for people to get married to become conservatives or wait for people because they're church goers to be conservative. it makes more convincing because life styles used to drive them towards this. >> that is another thing is that i think you're right. there are unintended consequences of this giant clumsy corrupt trof to solve every problem often you end up with. what? single motherhood driving 40% of income inequality. what it ends up w you just start trying to solve that with more subsidies. it's not a healthy way to solve that problem. in places like pot policy it can become an erm permanental
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ground of democracy. >> i don't think our federal government has those opportunities. >> okay. soy just want to say to you and mary catherine you can't say to these people you're cranky and stuff you guys are a bunch of lay abouts having children out of wedlock that is not the way. people share values. a family and level country you have to treat them with respect bill o'reilly. >> bill: i took away from juan williams is that you can be stoned and still love your country. >> it is true. exactly true. >> bill: bernie goldberg we hope you stay tuned for the reports.
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>> bill: election night i said this about many voters who supported president obama.
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>> it's a changing country. demographics are changing. it's not a traditional america anymore. there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff they want things. and who is going to give them things? president obama. he knows it. and he ran on it. >> just today my theory is backed up by statistical bureau according to the feds latest data available, more than 400,000 americans are put on food stamp rolls in one month. bringing total to 47 million people getting food assistance, an all time record. joining us here in the studio, michelle fields both are single ladies. that group supported the president. why is that? before getting to this discussion? why do single ladies go for him? >> i think mitt romney was a
1:33 am
weak candidate. >> bill: why do you say that? >> he couldn't connect with voters. i voted for mitt rom nee. i think a lot of women are also generally on welfare programs as well and president obama has had this huge a lot of welfare spending and it's a lot of -- hard to get off the candy. it's obama giving you candy you don't want to vote for the person is not. >> i'm i think don't it's fair to say single women are mostly on welfare but they overwhelmingly voted for ob yaum yachl i'm not sure why they did. is there a war on women? do you buy that war on women thing? >> i don't like that phrase war on women. it implies women are victim buzz that is an overly sim pliftic analysis of why obama got the women to vote. >> bill: give me reason they did. go. >> because obama supports issues that matter to single women. period.
1:34 am
he cares about issue that's matter to single women. womens health care, equal pay. >> when you say president aboutn what does that mean? what does he care about? >> supports not putting restrictions on a woman's right to choose. >> so, he supports in your mind, you're a single woman. the president supports unfettered abortion. we'll take tout clinic and pay for it that. is why you like it? its not about unfetter add borgs, bill, you know that. >> it's about a woman's right to choose. >> have you a right to choose. you can get an abortion. this is are there going to be restricting? >> restrictions like what? like what? like requiring women to undergo trance vaginal ultrasounds? >> no. when the fetus is eight months
1:35 am
you don't put a drill into it's head that. is a restriction. >> when you have two candidates that are republican that are running for senate and are making terrifying comments about -- . >> bill: let's get to. >> this resonate was women, bill. >> bill: it resonate was you. women think abortion rights are under seige they're living in another country. when you see these food stamp statickics. 47 million americans? why is that happen something it's not the recession. maybe half of it is. >> yes. i think obama bought this election through welfare spending. look, if you look at numbers we're spending so much money on welfare and federal spending increased by p 2%. problem is that this gets people on their feet. >> do you agree. >> yes. it's a stroong magnet.
1:36 am
>> do you agree with that? >> i agree that that is one factor but that is over simplification plix of what happened. it does not tyke a rocket scientist to see you don't get the voft people you that insult and that you don't support issues that are important to them. that is what happens. >> bill: what about food stamp issue? it's an exploding entitlement. 00,000. the ununemployment rate going down there. >> we're in a bad economy. >> nothing warranting this. >> 47 million people? what is going on. >> people need help. and yes. obama could have done better with the economy. that is what happens in situations like this. i don't think that that is the factor and why single women voted for obama. >> thank you very much. we come back, bernie goldberg
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let's bring in bernard this, is very stunning is it not? >> first reaction is that i don't want to know about this. this is a private matter. i figure of course, he had access to top secrets so we can afford the story. then, i thought some of you ought to tell that to bill clinton. right sne had access to top secrets and fooling around with someone who wasn'tn't his wife. is f.there is good news, is that now that sex is involved may be the so called main stream media will show interest in benghazi. >> so you believe that the
1:40 am
media has covered this fairly so far? what? these days ago? it's been all over the place. >> you can't ignore it. it's a story. and i'm not concerned and not interested in it. except as, if it pertains to policy such as benghazi. i'm thinking as i say, now that petraeus is... >> your theory is that we live in the united states of entertainment now, they have to cover. out of here! >> pretty much. and let's take a look at it this way from a political point of view. we keep hearing america is the center of the country. so i'm not sure it's center of right country. one. two, we keep hearing republicans have a problem with black soldiers and latinos and women, and young people. but far and way their biggest
1:41 am
problem, biggest problem with republicans is with republicans. far and away. two days after the election, i'm listening to rush limbaugh on the radio. a caller comes on identifying them self as a family value conservative saying i will never book fr a moderate republican. he didn't vote for romney. he sat home. then, for good measure says that if any republican ever says i'm going to reach across the aisle i will to the go for it. purists like that will sink the republican party. >> how many republicans? which percentage would you put on that presentation? how many are in that category. >> we know three million viewers, republicans veted this time and i bet it's about a million or so.
1:42 am
this gets back to talking points. some hard line social conservative. that republican will never win, either, bill. >> no. he has to be able to persuade people in the middle that your vision is good for them. that is what i was saying is that i think the hispanic precinct can be won over. it's not good for you. >> it takes a certain kind of republican a kind of conservative barack obama and i mean that from the best sense of conservatives. do you know what? republicans with science don't come along that often. i don't think things look good for americans unless they find that candidate. >> that is why i wrote that killing lincoln book, by the way. bernieberg, everybody. adam corolla on deck.
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>> back in the books segment tonight, pod cast master joins us now from los angeles. >> do you want a shot of petraeus tonight? >> yes. i would. go. >> i don't mind a guy who cheats. that just means he has testosterone. look at all of the greats that cheated. mlk, jfk, rfk. do you know who didn't cheat? jimmy carter. >> that makes me nervous. >> and there is a void there,
1:47 am
i had the correction. rfk, we cannot find any extramarital stuff with him. all right. now. you flif los angeles. and elizabeth warren lives in massachusetts. very far from you. very far. and you're outraged about this woman living in the election. why? it was because of the speed where she's told everybody the system was rigged against them. by the way, look out tony robbins there is a new motivational speaking sheriff in town. her name is elizabeth warren. it's a horrible message to send. can you imagine a teacher, or a coach explaining to a student the system was rigged against them? >> okay.
1:48 am
and you believe this is a corner stone of the presentation? >> well, it's corner stone of the democratic party. the plan is that we're going to fix it. we're going to unrig it. what has obama been doing for four years? how come he's not unrigged this system? what about carter? clinton? did they unrig it? and then, how does it work with rigging in the unrigging? why can't you unrig it? >> liz beth warren is a classic liberal. she believes that society, american society is unjust. and she's a native american woman. you know that. she's able to rise up and overcome whatever prejudices are against native americansso t
1:49 am
make that a corner stone. look what happened to me, here i am. i'm going to be a senator. it shows our society is fluid. certainly barack obama... >> it's a form of grandiosity. saying yes, i'm a woman, three quarters iriquois and my father was a janitor. but you guys aren't me, i'm smart, i've been touched by god. i can overcome this kind of adversity. >> so you blif she preaches victimization? n.massachusetts? >> absolutely. i just think it's a horrible thing for any politician to talk about. the message should be you're going to have to work twice as
1:50 am
hard. he did it. finally, are your friends happy out there that the president is reelected? is there a lot of partying going on out there? >> yes. yes? >> we had to interrupt the partying to do more partying. you know? and i feel like, i -- to use a. boxing analogy i feel obama has been working the body for four years, now, hay maker is coming. >> he's going to do something interesting with his last four years. i don't know about that. he's got that testy house of representatives right there. you know? just sitting there. >> adam corolla everybody. there he is. factor tip of the day, a nice
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play to hide out. 60 seconds away.
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factor tip of the day in just a moment. but first, bill o'reilly christmas store, now open. >> we specialize in low priced gifts ta make a difference to give someone a look, they remember that. we asked the new gift, the dvd, also when you buy anything, anything like that, fine charities get don yaigs so everybody wins. there is a report the truth about the president. it's up to voters to decide. you know
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here is my final word. i tried hard to bring you facts and analysis that put a complicated situation into proper perspective. the week before the vote, four episodes landed in top 10 of all cable programs. all cable. they go running away. >> with the very high rates, long island power authority can nout knot cut i they can't cut it.
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